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I am no one you probably know. My name is Will and for fun I like to see how much trouble I can get into on the internet. All legal of course. Over time I have come to love technology and all that I can do with it. This site is one such endeavor. Take a look around, this is my main Blog (yes, I have others) as well as it captures the books I have read, am reading, or are going to read. Take a look around and have fun.  You can contact me using the contact form below.

My Philosophy:

God has created this beautiful place in the universe, to share who He is with us.  By His Love, He has given us the ability to choose how we interact with Him, our universe, and each other.

With a simple choice, we can be reconciled with God and the universe.  Life is a choice.  How and what we decide to chose is up to each of us.  What have you decided? - Will



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