Windows LIVE

Windows answer to Google and Yahoo continues to evolve. If you have not checked out any of the new LIVE beta's, go here.

Currently I am running the new Windows Live Safety Center and am running the full service scan. 1 hour into it, and it shows I have 1 virus. Wonder why my on-board virus scan did not pick it up. Well, it won't tell me what it is since it is still running, but I can not wait to find out! It seems to be hung at 57% trying to scan a Linux Distro! Excellent work Microsoft! Maybe Linux is the virus :)

I have also briefly looked at their new portal When I tried to add my Hotmail, it kicked me to, but when I went back to, my Hotmail was loaded on the portal page. A bit buggy I would say. It has a clean look and you can add content, but I think I am still partial to Google /ig and Protopage for these new Web 2.0 applications.

Oh, by the way, still at 57%...