I am not weird!

Happy 2006!

I love to read John Dvorak each time I get PC Mag. Some times he makes me laugh, sometimes he makes me angry. In the January 2006 issue, in Johns"Inside Track", he states the following:

"I Thought This Was Weird Dept.: According to research conducted by
Burson-Marsteller and the Economist Intelligence Unit, most top-level executives
would rather not become the CEO of their company. This applies worldwide,
except in Latin America, where apparently everyone wants to be the boss. And
this finding seems to be a growing trend. The rationale for it has to do
with a nebulous concept called work-life balance. In other words, the CEO
does not get to have enough normal fun—whatever that is. I'm not sure myself
since I'm too busy writing.

It's possible that these well-paying jobs will eventually be peopled only by
workaholic jerks. That should have interesting ramifications in the
society and economy alike."

I also feel that I do not not want to be a CEO, but work at a level that provides the income I need and the ability to also focus on other things that are more important than work, like my wife, my faith, and football :)
It was certainly good to read that my lack of drive to the top is not something abnormal, but in fact, a growing trend. Although I am from the last years of the baby boomer generation, I do have some Generation X in me.

But John's last sentence does have me worried about my future boss.....