Day 1 with Vista

Vista is installed, no other software, so I ran the Performance Rating and Tools in the Control Panel. It reported that "start-up items were causing Windows to start slowly". What?? So I selected to view the item causing the issue. It stated it was "searchindexer.exe" by Microsoft Corp. - Wonderful...Microsoft can be amazing sometimes.

I am also getting 5 unknown devices, so there are still advances to be made regarding drivers. My five are:

  1. Canonscan - my scanner.

  2. Audio device - my sound-card

  3. Modem (dial-up) - my modem, but I do not use it.

  4. Input device - not my mouse or keyboard. May be my camera.

  5. Unknown device - could be anything.

I also noticed no "Add and Remove Programs" in the Control Panel. Any idea where it is anyone?

Finally, the system is ALWAYS asking my permission to do almost every little thing. ANNOYING. But even worse, rather than just a pop-up menu, the WHOLE screen changes and darkens to ask your permission. They need to take a que from OS X, which also asks, but only when it is important to ask.