Best SciFi Author

In my opinion, the best Science Fiction author of the new millenium is Alastair Reynolds. Click HERE for his personal website. I have read every one of his books and am looking forward to his next. The scope of his books are always huge. However some books take place during a very short time period while others can take on millions of years. He never lets me down.
I would start with Revelation Space series starting with:

  1. Revelation Space

  2. Redemption Ark

  3. Absolution Gap

Other books in the Revelation series to read are:

  1. Chasm City

  2. Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days

Then he has two standalone novels:

  1. Century Rain

  2. Pushing Ice

And last, there is a collection of short works, Zima Blue and Other Stories.

He has another book coming in October of 2006 called Galactic North which I believe is a collection of Novellas from the Revelation Space universe. I can not wait!