I am a big fan AND user of rebates. I always take advantage of them because I always send them in. If you are someone who is lazy, forgetful, or just plain unorganized regarding paperwork, rebates are probably not for you.

Before this week, I only had one rebate that did not go through from Lowe's, and I am still not sure why and could never get a good answer.

Well, this week I had my second. I received the rebate unopened and "Return to Sender" with the address marked out with a black marker. The address is still readable and I checked with the rebate form if I messed up the address, and all was correct. So today, I emailed both the website that sold me the product and the product manufacturer to see if I have been ripped off. I am giving them a chance to fix the situation before listing them here.

One way or the other, I will post who they are and what they did or did not do. Stay tuned.