A few things...

First, I decided to upgrade my Directv to the HR20 so that I have one box for HD and DVR vs. the two separate boxes. I know I am asking for trouble as all I read on the web regarding this piece of equipment is negative.

Directv HR20 HD DVR

So far I have had it for about 24 hrs and have had to reset it once already. This morning when I turned on the HR20 and my TV, I could get no picture or sound. It would pull up the DVR menu and grid, I could pull up the signal test and all was OK. Just no picture and no sound on any channel including the over-the-air channels. So hit reset, 5 long minutes later, all is working fine.

My only other issue is that I am not receiving my local channels via Directv, only over-the-air. I need to call them regarding - I just have not had the motivation to deal with support. I seem to call them all the time, and here I am on the "A List" (who isn't?) and go through all the steps I have already done before.

I still hate the user interface vs. TIVO. I think I may plug my old Directv Tivo back in to record standard definition television and only use the HR20 for the High-def stuff. I will use the HR20 longer before I decide this.

For those that are real GEEKs out there, you probably heard of this site; I had, but it has been a long time since I have visited and more stuff has been added. So if you are a Scifi nut, visit Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions. If is cool.

Finally, can anyone send me a Joost invite?