Download Music Without DRM

At some point, the music industry will need to decide if they want to live in the twentieth century and die, or move on to the new century and embrace technology and all of the options is gives consumers of their products.  Instead of telling me how and where to consume, they need to help me explore new and expanding ways to consume so I would want more, thus buy more.  Instead, they hold tight to old business, sue their customers, and force people to become "pirates" in order to move the media they purchased from disk to computer to TV to iPod, etc...

These people are not pirates.  They do not do this in order to create an exact copy in order to undersell the music industry and make money.  These are just you and me who wants to use what we bought, were we bought it.  Everything that the industry will try in order to lock down the media will be broken by those that do want to pirate and make money off copies.  It does not stop the pirating.  It only stops normal consumers from using what they own.  Which in effect, often pushes them to obtain the pirated material in order to by-pass all of the digital right management restrictions.  Other consumers do so as a boycott to try to force the industry.  So the use of DRM promotes piracy. Not to mention a whole lot of ticked off customers.

Fortunately, some do understand this.  There are a few websites in which you can purchase non-DRM music such as eMusic, Magnatune, Zunior, Bleep and others.  If you know of any, let me know in the comments so I can post a complete list of sites in the future.

What I would like, and it may exist but I am unaware, is a site that combines the content of all of these non-DRM music stores in which I can search and get recommendations (Pandora like) on music.  That would then link to the appropriate site to purchase.

Lately there has been some cracks in the record companies in the news regarding DRM.  But I still wonder if we will still have to wait for this generation of media execs to retire and the new social generation to take over?  I would rather it happen sooner than later, so I am praying the current leaders crack.

What do you think?