Microsoft Across America

I attended the Microsoft Across America event yesterday. As all the signs stated: "ready for a new day".

Microsoft Event

First thing I noticed was the first presenter was using an Apple Macbook Pro. The glowing Apple is hard to miss. He was sure to tell the audience it was running Vista.

They started the show by one of the presenters stating "Hi, I am a PC!" with the other presenter stating that PC just had a makeover to Vista.

I find the Mac references very odd.

The big deal in the presentation was UX or User Experience. They focused on the XAML, the new UI language in Vista and Windows Presentation Foundation.

Unfortunately, the Demo of The North Face kiosk to show the power and capabilities of the new UX crashed. Even though his laptop (demo laptop looked to be a Thinkpad) had 3 gig of RAM. I guess the video card was not up to snuff. You can also get a glimpse of the technology using the New York Times Newsreader.

All in all, it was a pretty good presentation on Vista and Office 2007.