NFL Playoffs - My View

With the NFL playoffs starting this weekend, I thought I would put down in writing my analysis for each of the teams. I am unsure of who will actually make it and who I think will win the Superbowl as this year it is very competitive, but I do have some strong feelings about each of the teams.

First the NFC.

• Dallas Cowboys: An enigma. At times looked incredible, then looked awful. Defense wins Superbowls and the Cowboy's look weak in the secondary. I am also not a Romo believer yet. Flashes of greatness does not win in the playoffs. They will be lucky to make it out of the first round.

• Seattle Seahawks: Getting better going into the playoffs. Because of injuries, they suffered early on, but are healthy and strong now. Defending NFC champs who understand the playoffs. They could easily go all the way.

• NY Giants: I can not even believe they made the playoffs with how bad they have looked recently. Enough said.

• Philadelphia Eagles: Boy, these guys are the wildcard in this. They have played with passion recently and the rebirth of Garcia at quarterback makes them the underdog you want to win. It could go either way with the Eagles. They have an opportunity to go all the way if they can keep up and play their best.

• Chicago Bears: The Bears have faltered when facing tough defense. The playoffs are nothing but tough defense. I do not believe Grossman can handle the pressure. Goodbye.

• New Orleans Saints: Probably the team I know the least about. But from what I have seen, they have looked like they can score from multiple directions. But will their defense rise to the occasion? First year coach makes them difficult to pick to go all the way. But something keeps me thinking they could be the team of destiny this year. We can only wait and see!

Now the AFC:

• Kansas City Chiefs: No matter what the coach says, they did back into the playoffs. Yes all three teams had to win to get into the playoffs last week, but it was them that also needed two other teams to loose. Just winning did not get them in. Should not be there, that simple.

• Indianapolis Colts: I am not a believer in the Colts. I have tried and tried and they are basically just a regular season team. They have played their best in the past with better chances and lost. Their defense still looks suspect.

• New York Jets: Quite a miracle year. They are a good team with great potential in the future. But they are not a complete team yet. Their offense must make no mistakes, but their defense is not good enough to win a game in which they score 14 or less. Sorry NY. No Giants, Not Jets.

• New England Patriots: They have come on strong at the end. They struggled during the season and Brady has looked vulnerable. They have a shot just because of their experience and toughness. But it is only a shot.

• Baltimore Ravens: Defense. Now they have an Offense with the coach calling the plays. These guys will be tough to beat. Especially at home, beware. The only game on the road would be if they play San Diego, and even on the road, these guys are disruptive. Everything hinges on McNair. He plays good, they win. He struggles, can the defense win it? Sometimes they can.

• San Diego Chargers: Defense. These guys can kill quarterbacks. And they can score. They have homefield, but I do not believe it is a big advantage since they are not a northern team playing in January. Rivers can look bad and they still win. It is when Tomlinson that gets stopped that they loose. It is all on LaDaninian.

I can not wait to see what actually happens!