Vudu: Part 2

Since installing, I have had some interesting times. After about 24-48 hrs, the network light changed from green (connection is good enough for immediate movie watching) to yellow (connection is slow and unable to watch movies immediately). Therefore I started checking my network, running bandwidth tests, etc.. with no solution found. Everything seemed fine. I then looked on the Vudu forums and found that at anytime there is a connection issue (something else using up the bandwidth, a disconnect, Vudu servers down, etc...) that the light stays yellow until you tell the Vudu to "Clear bandwidth history". So I did this and it turned green again. So I can only assume that once there is a bandwidth crunch on your network, once it is no longer an issue, the Vudu does not recognize that it is back up and running by itself.


I have also noticed on my router, that the wireless led and internet led are flashing constantly with activity since installing the Vudu. Nothing else in my house is on and the Vudu is always actively sending and/or receiving packets 24hrs a day. I assume it is pulling in movies even though I have not purchased or rented any as of yet. It would be nice to somehow monitor that activity to be sure what is happening.


After another 48 - 72 hours, again the network light changed from green to yellow. Again I selected to "Clear bandwidth history" and it fixed it. This seems to be a bug unless I can find a logical reason for this activity.


Stay tuned for Part 3.