Window's DreamScene

I downloaded to my Macbook (running Vista Ultimate via Bootcamp) this weekend the Windows DreamScene. For those who do not know what this is, it is a Microsoft Vista Ultimate Extra that adds the ability to use motion or video as your desktop background. I was listening to Windows Weekly from last week in which Paul said that it did not look like it added much overhead to your system. However, on my Macbook, which has on-board video, it does add a lot of CPU usage.

I am running a Macbook with 2GHz Core2 Duo and 2 Gig of Ram.

When my system has a normal background and is sitting idle, Core 1 is at 0% and Core 2 fluctuates between 2-4%.

Switch to DreamScene, and when the computer is idle, Core 1 is between 25-30% and Core 2 is between 15-20%.

That is quite a lot of CPU usage for just a background. Quite the Hog.

My recommendation if you are running Vista on a Macbook, stay away.

Perhaps tonight I will test on my dedicated Vista desktop. Keep an eye out for that.