Superbowl Commercials & Thoughts:

NFL Network - Chad Johnson's party.  Fuuuuuuuuny.

1st Quarter:
Ford F12 - Kinda cool
Bud Light - Rock Paper Scissors.  Kind of funny.
Doritos - Stupid
Blockbuster - animals, stupid.
Sierra Mist - Beard Combover.  Funny - stupid
Sierra Mist - Karate. Dumb
Toyota Tundra - Interesting
FedEx - Moonbase.  Love the hair piece floating
Bud Light - wedding.  OK
Snickers - gross, but funny
Schick Quattro - dumb
Pride - Movie
Survivor - Basic
Chevy - dumb
Bud Light - English class dumb
Oprah and David Letterman - funny
1st Quarter Summary - Nothing Special.  Winner – Fed Ex

Go Daddy - Marketing Kevin Rose and the Tuttles (Jr. Sr and Mikey).  Most won’t get it.  OK
Coca Cola - Video Game Goofy

2nd Quarter:
Bud – Dog  Cute
Garmin – Map Monster (I have seen before) Good
Grammy’s – Can’t wait for The Police!
Careerbuilder – Amazon jungle survive the office OK
Doritos – Check out chick funny
Chevy – Stripers  funny
Bud Light – Slapping.  Trying to start a new fad.  Stupid.  - Poor heart.  OK
GM – Poor robot.  Cute
Coca Cola – Bottles  Wake me when it is over.
Wild Hogs – Movie
Sprint – Connectile Dysfunction.  Funny
Motorola – kinda dumb
How I Met Your Mother – Funny, but I love that show.
Tostitos, Lays – OK
Coca Cola – Old Man – OK
Rules of Engagement – I am recording it tomorrow.
CSI – nothing new.
2nd Quarter Summary – Yawn.  Winner – Bud Dog

CBS TV Shows. – nothing new.
Mitsubishi – Outlander  Nothing new.
AT&T – Seen before. Dumb.
More CBS shows.
LaDanian Thompson – Walter Payton Man of the Year?  After his crybaby breakdown when he lost??
Prince – Can rip on a guitar!  I can’t believe the rain.
Hey!  It is the FAMU Marching Band on with Prince.
Half-time show pretty good.  Especially considering the rain.
More CBS Shows.
Acura – nothing special
Publix  - Local only?
Brighthouse – Local Only?
Geico – Same old.

1st half stats – Full Colts Domination

3rd Quarter:
Meet the Robinsons – Movie
eTrade - Bank robs customers – Funny
Coca Cola – Strange World/Coke Machine  Pretty Cool.
Bud Light – Gorillas  Kinda funny
Revlon – Hair Color commercial?  This is football!
Careerbuilder – Continuation of the survive the work week.  OK
Taco Bell – Nothing new.  Seen before.
Van Heusen – Nothing new.
Toyota Tundra – Tow  Impressive
Emerald Nuts - Robert Goulet  Funny
T-Mobile – Dad?  Funny
FedEx – Ground – OK
Nationwide – stupid
Bud Light – Hitchhiker and Ax bottle opener.  Funny
3rd Quarter Summary – Not great.   Winner – Coca Cola

CBS News, Pro Bowl, Masters, local news
Toyota Tundra – Same as previous
Local Ads

4th Quarter:
Budweiser – Crabs goofy but OK
Prudential – Rock  Boring
Honda – Crave  Seen before, nothing new
CBS Shows
HP – OCC pretty cool (2nd for OCC, see Go Daddy)
IZOD – So So
Budweiser – Virtual Football.  Pretty neat.
Flomax – nothing new
ETrade - 1 finger  dumb
CBS Shows
Hannibal Rising – Movie
Careerbuilder – workweek part 3
CBS Shows
Honda – Gas Mileage  Same old
Go Daddy – Repeat from earlier.
Snapple – Green Tea  OK
NFL – Goodbye Good
CBS Shows

Where was the Apple ad??

Misc Notes:
Awful intro for the teams.
CBS sucked with audio.  I guess they do not know what Dolby is.  All I was getting was announcers voices.  Very little other.  Hardly could hear the commercials.
I wish it was not raining.
Is it me or does someone always gets hurt in the 1st quarter of the Superbowl?  I feel real bad for them.
I hate all the turnovers.  6 in the first half (5 fumbles).
Colts out “physical” the Bears.  Amazing.
Can’t believe how many people have left with 2 mins left.  It is the Superbowl!

Congrats Indy Colts.