Bond Girl Vesper

Warning:  If you have not seen Casino Royale, this does contain a spoiler.

I know I am 5-6 months behind the rest of the world, but I do not get to the theatre often.  I feel no real need as I have a better experience at home watching upscaled DVDs on my HDTV and surround sound system.
So this past weekend via Netflix, I rented Casino Royale.   I was not prepared for this movie.  I thought I was, as everything I heard was that this would be a bit more brutal version of James Bond (Daniel Craig), as well as, more true to the character as written in the original novel.  What I was not ready for was the love story with Bond Girl Vesper Lynd  (Eva Green).  In fact, to me, the 2nd half of the movie was a love story and better than the first half.
Eva is a tremendous actress with an unbelievable range of character, both in acting and in looks.  When I finished watching the movie, I could not shake her character.  I was not sure why she committed suicide.  Instead of feeling the loss, I was more confused.  It did not seem to make sense.  M's reasoning gave some insight, but I felt it was very weak with a lot of holes.
I have heard that in the book version, it builds up to the suicide, but in the movie, it just comes out of nowhere - no reason.  Maybe I missed it or I need to read the book.
I found an interview with Eva on YouTube where she is hauntingly striking.

Her eyes...I can not wait to see what is next from Eva.