Now on Jaiku....and Twitter

Per Leo's post, I signed up with Jaiku. Still learning the system and have been able to integrate my Twitter into Jaiku via RSS feed. Not sure I like how it handles RSS, but at least it does. Also the difference between Posts and Comments are a bit confusing to follow. Leo suggests something with the icons. Have your Icon show for posts and a generic icon for comments maybe. I don't know. Twitter is excellent because it is so simple and basic. It also now has many clients for all OS's. Jaiku is phone focused, so only has phone clients that I can find. I prefer posting from my computer, which means going to the website. Maybe there is a Jaiku client for the Mac out there somewhere and I have just not found it.
Anyway, there is also a new Twitter feed named Leomatic which posts Leo's Jaiku to Twitter. I may just stay on Twitter. But I will continue to try and give Jaiku a chance.