My Life with Vista So Far

After listening to episode 25 of Windows Weekly with Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott and their discussion of tech bloggers, and people in general, who only blog and speak about the bad experiences they have had with Vista, I thought to add my two cents worth.

First, if you have read my earlier posts, I had mentioned I have been using Vista since RC1.  You will also know I use Mac more than Windows.  I have 3 Mac's and 1 Vista box.  However, I do run Vista on Bootcamp on my Macbook.  And yes, I run Vista using the new aero-glass interface.  I also pretty much tell everyone I know to buy Mac.  That said, I have had no real issues with Vista and actually like it.

I started with the Beta on my old XP box, running dual boot.  I was concerned about how well it would run and documented that on a previous post, but it did run with little problem - one blue screen of death.  The worst problem was that my webcam and scanner would not work, and that followed when I purchased Vista Ultimate on my new computer.  However, within a few weeks, all hardware now works.

I also decided to try to run Vista Ultimate on my Macbook and mentioned the issues here.  However, since, Apple updated bootcamp and all works like a dream (other than DreamScene which pushes the processor).  I have had only one issue since when the battery meter did not work, but has since worked out.

The "Windows Experience" scores for all 3 systems (old PC, new PC and Macbook) are here.

I am one who has enjoyed Vista.  Yes, you need a newer computer, but I have had no major software or hardware issues and find compatability to not be an issue.  Heck, it works fine on my Macbook.

I am with you Paul!

Now back to my Macbook and OSX where I am safe.