WWDC 2007 Keynote Notes

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Apple Store is offline – Means Hardware or Software release??

Started on time – AMAZING!

EA Games back on Mac - Command & Conquer, Battlefield 2142, Harry Potter, etc... July release dates.

300 new features in Leopard. Showing 10:

1. New Desktop (new menu bar, dock, "stacks")
2. New Finder (new sidebar, better network and shares, cover flow view for any folder, pdf, slideshow, keynote presentation or even computer, built in search and smart searches, one click for 'today' stuff, .Mac integration to find and browse your other Macs)
3. Quick Look (View many type of files without opening application)
4. 64-bit top to bottom. Will run 32-bit or 64-bit apps side by side. 1 Version of Leopard only.
5. Core Animation (simple to use, easy to ad to apps, layers, GPU acceleration)
6. Boot Camp (built into Leopard, run Windows at native speed)
7. Spaces (multiple desktops, group apps in spaces, move apps between spaces)
8. Dashboard (New widget-Movie Times – search, preview and buy via Fandango, Safari will make widgets from web pages easily & customize them)
9. iChat (better quality, tabs, Photo Booth effects, iChat theatre – show iPhoto slideshows, Pdfs, video, presentations, etc… anything that works with Quick Look, and last, Backdrops)

1 Hour Down.

10. Time Machine (back-up in a simple way to an attached hard drive or network drive, can back up more than one computer, preview, restore 1 file or multiple files or entire Mac, can search backup via Spotlight and view via Quick Look)

Demo's of these features can be found HERE.

Shipping in October
$129 Basic Version
$129 Premium Version
$129 Business Version
$129 Enterprise Version
$129 Ultimate Version

Only 1 version of Leopard with everything on it.

One more thing….

Safari – Version 3 runs on Leopard, XP and Vista as well.
Showed speed benchmarks. Safari vs. IE vs. Firefox. Of course Safari beat them all (claimed twice as fast as IE and 1.6 times as fast as Firefox).
Demo’d Safari on Windows vs. IE.
Public beta’s released today.

One more thing…

iPhone ships June 29. 18 days away.
What about Developers?
How to allow developed apps and keep secure?
Full Safari engine on iPhone.
Ajax and Web 2.0 apps can be written easily to the iPhone.
Can go live on June 29.
Can build website looking just like the desktop application giving same feel as desktop application.
Demo – Head of iPhone Software had trouble typing on iPhone!
Google building apps this way for iPhone.

Keynote over – No Hardware or Software announced for Apple Store? Why is it offline?

Oh, New look, great.