I have recently had a situation regarding my Macbook that caused me to make my first appointment and visit with a Mac Genius at my local Apple store. Long story, short, I dropped my Macbook and the Superdrive started to make a grinding noise whenever it was accessed. The body of the Macbook was also distorted around the slot for the Superdrive.

When I met with the "Genius" and told him the story, he did nothing with my Macbook. He only looked up the cost to replace the drive and said it would be over $800 to fix.
Hmmm. $800 is a bit much so declined his offer. My thinking was to just purchase an external DVD drive or take it to a 3rd party authorized dealer to see what they would charge. After some time, I decided to take my Macbook apart just to see the extent of the damage. After a couple dozen screws - almost all different sizes - I had my Macbook apart and saw that some plastic clips that hold the exterior body of the Macbook to the interior had come off, with one of them jammed sideways in the Superdrive. I took each of these plastic clips and reattached them correctly and rebuilt my Macbook.
Even with never taking a notebook apart or looking up how my Macbook was put together, I did all of this in under 15 minutes. And guess what. My Macbook AND Superdrive are as good as new. Cost? $0. Thanks for NOTHING Mr. GENIUS.