iPhone, myPhone

After using the iPhone for a few days, I thought I would share my thoughts, both good and bad, regarding the phone. Also some links for those that have an iPhone to make their experience better.

First, I will start with some issues. A few things that I have found that could be better or included. Since everyone else is talking about no 3G, no GPS and no flash drive slot, I will not include these.

  1. Only can sync or not sync - no manual abilities as with the current iPods. I prefer to manage what is added and what is deleted from my iPod and have done so since my first. iPhone does not allow this option.

  2. No easy multimedia messaging. Just have to email pictures to friends. Not an elegant work around.

  3. No chat. Can use SMS, but will cost if you do not have an unlimited plan.

  4. The phone is kinda slippery. I suggest getting a skin to protect the iPhone as well as make it easier to hold on.

  5. Not able to use the virtual keyboard in widescreen mode any time. Only in Safari.

Now Some things I really like.

  1. Unbelievable screen. You have to actually experience it in your hand to understand.

  2. After viewing completely any video (video podcast, TV, Movie) it asks if you want to delete to free up space right there on the iPhone. Do not have to connect with iTunes. Love it!

  3. Battery life. I have had no issue what so ever.

  4. Virtual keyboard is not that bad. The more I use it, the faster and more accurate I get. I like it.

Finally a few links. For some online applications being developed for the iPhone, here are a couple of sites to start at:

iPhone Application List
Top 25 Web Apps for iPhone - Rev2.org
Barcamp iPhone Developed Apps

Unfortunately, at the time of purchasing the iPhone, there were not many accessories. Here are some links of good places to find a new cases, covers, etc...