In Memory of "Fat Girl"

Born: Unknown

Died: August 1, 2007

We think she was about 17 yrs old.

 Fat Girl

Fat girl was an inherited cat from a next door neighbor whom moved away and left her (with a couple of other cats).  We called her Fat Girl because her body was as wide as is was long, with a tiny head attached.  Her legs where so short, that her fat belly dragged on the floor when she walked.  Or at least attempted to walk.

A number of years ago (about 6-7 yrs), she was attacked by some large dogs and gutted.  When I pulled her out of the small tree, I had to hold her upside down so her insides would not spill out.  I held her that way until we got her to the Emergency Vet Clinic.  A few thousand dollars later and she was back home.  The vet said her fat saved her.  She had so much that when the dog sliced her belly open, it only got as deep as she was fat, and did not slice any vital organs.  Although you could see her organs as plain as day when I carried her in.

Over the past year, she had been loosing a lot of weight.  We new she was getting old and the vet put her on some pills.  Recently it had gotten much worse, her eating habits were not normal, and she stopped purring all night like she use to do.  We knew she was near the end.  She was down to only a few pounds.

We took her to the Vet and they discovered a large tumor in her belly.  She had kidney disease, and the outlook not good.  She lived a full life, even though she was abandoned early on by her first owner and gutted by dogs a few years later.  Both Lisa and I will miss her terribly.

We take comfort that she is in God’s hands now.