iPhone Stand for Cheap

I was looking for some type of stand in which I could prop my iPhone on to watch video while at my desk. I searched and searched and was finally pointed to the PED2 stand by Cali Lewis. With an adapter that you pay extra for, it says you can use it with the iPhone horizontally. Final price was almost $50!!!

When I received the stand, and used the horizontal option, the sides of the stand blocked both the headphone jack on the top of the iPhone and the iPhone connector on the bottom. You can only use it on battery listening via the onboard speaker, which is also blocked! Out came my dremmel and I had to cut the metal in a number of places to make this piece of expensive crap even work.

Then came my shopping trip to Office Depot. I found this cheap plastic business card holder which perfectly fits the iPhone, while still allowing access to the headphone jack and connector. All for the grand price of $0.89.

PED2 is a rip off and is not really for an iPhone. Stay away. Go for my $0.89 solution.