SciFi Book & Optional Clothes

I was going on a business trip to Chicago and went to Borders to find me a paperback book to read during the trip.  As usual, I found myself in the Science Fiction section.  A group of books caught my eye by C.J. Ryan.  I had recently read a series of books by Joel Shepherd called the "Cassandra Kresnov Novels" about a beautiful highly advanced hunter-killer android.

Reading the back of the C.J. Ryan book, it sounded like it may be a similar type of book.  So I picked up the first book of the series entitled Dexta.  Here is part of the book description from Amazon:

"Inside the Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs, Gloria VanDeen is a low-level bureaucrat. But she is no faceless cog. The stunning, cunning beauty happens to be the current Emperor’s ex-wife and sometime playmate–a distinct advantage when disorder erupts on one of the small planets she oversees. For Gloria’s personal life has catapulted her into the limelight, and an off-Earth assignment is just what she needs to get back to work. But the situation may be trickier than she imagines.…"

However, what I quickly found out was that rather than using guns and super athletic abilities to beat the bad guys such as Cassandra,  Gloria uses see-through dresses (when she is dressed) to beat the bad guys.  It is so cheesy, you will hardly be able to put it down.... or you will toss it after 2 chapters.

Go ahead and check it out.  I am sure you want to!