Vudu: Part 3

I know it has been awhile since part 2 of this review, but I have not had as much time as I would like to devote to the Vudu. It seems, that when I ask my wife what movie she wants to watch since we can watch almost any movie with the Vudu, she answers by wanting to watch one of our Netflix DVD's. This, in fact, may be important as you will see later in this review.

I am still having the yellow network light issue, as well as my network connection is always full-on active sending and receiving packets. I have confirmed that this activity is due to Vudu and can only assume it is downloading and sharing movie content all the time.

I did have one experience over the last few days. After work one evening, I was searching through the Vudu catelog to find something to watch as I had an hour or so free. I found a Babylon 5 movie that I was not sure if I had ever seen and it was only $2.99 to rent, so I went for it. It initially said that the show would be ready to view in 15 minutes. Hmmm. I thought I could view immediately. After about 10 minutes it did switch to view mode so I began to watch the show. It was in widescreen and filled up my HDTV nicely, however I could see a lot of artifacts similar to standard definition tv - not as nice as DVD quality. After the intro of the movie, my wife came home and needed some help so I paused the movie with the intention to finish it later. Later ended up being after work the next night. I turned on the Vudu, went to "My Movies" and guess what? No movie. It expired. It seems that anything you rent expires within 24 hrs of starting the movie! Yes, Vudu gives you 30 days to watch it, but once you do, you better finish it!

Needless to say, I did not know about the 24hr rule and I am not happy. I look at the Netflix DVD sitting on the table in front of me and think about how I do not have any such issue with it. Although I do not have the ability to watch any netflix movie within 10 minutes unless I use their streaming service, I do have the flexibility to watch the DVD's I have rented when I want to watch and start & stop anytime without the DVD going bad. Even in the old days of renting movies from Blockbuster, you had 3-5 days with the movie to watch as much as you wanted when you wanted. Vudu needs to change the 24hr rule to 72-120 hrs. Otherwise I feel it looses alot of the value it could provide. Especially if it wants to compete with Netflix. Even On-Demand movies via cable or satellite can be rented and recorded with your DVR to watch when you want. Vudu is the most restrictive regarding the "life" of rented movies.

Part 4 will be the final part of this review. Stay tuned.