Chumby: Day 1

Received my Chumby via UPS direct from China yesterday. Did you know that when they ship from China, it actually arrives in the US before it was shipped?

Anyway, I ordered the white version since that would look best in the bedroom where it will reside. Upon opening the Chumby packaging, the "white" is more of an off white or light tan color. But it still looks good next to the bed.

It is fun checking out all of the widgets and adding them or removing them from the Chumby. You can view what is on my Chumby here. Set up was easy including the networking. Putting in my network passphrase was a bit tough based upon how the Chumby virtual keyboard works. Other than that, it is simple and quick.

So far my only complaint is that there is no SmugMug widget. I am sure other widget wants will arise, but new ones are being added all the time. Looking through the Chumby forums, it looks like a pretty active community as well.

This morning, the Chumby woke me to a pleasant alarm and immediately I was viewing my Twitter feed and weather before crawling out of bed. I just love this thing.