Gluten Free

My doctor has put me on a 6-week gluten free diet to see if I have Celiac Disease.  Moving to a gluten free diet is not easy.  But thank you to the internet, it is much easier than it use to be.  The documentation and information given to me by my Doctor was not enough to truly understand what is and what is not available for me to eat.  But I found a few sites and downloads that help quite a bit.

The ClanThompson site provides a database that makes it simple to look up foods by type or brand and tells you if they are gluten free.  This was a lifesaver and worth the $$ to purchase.

I have also gone to many of the websites of restaurants I frequent to see if they have gluten free menus and some do.  I have downloaded all the pdf's of these menus and emailed them to myself to access via my iPhone.

Whole Food Market has a complete downloadable list of all gluten free products (and any other special diet) they sell so you can easily make a shopping list.

As I find more, I will update this post.