Thanks Embarq

I have to give Kudo's when I run across the rare instance that a company meets or exceeds my expectations.

Quite a while ago, I was having connection issues with my internet provider, Sprint DSL.  I contacted them and went through the ringer trying to get them to replace the modem.  They would not do it unless every conceivable issue OTHER than the modem was ruled out.  Talking about a pain in the A$$.  After hours of testing and ruling eveything out, I ended up buying my own modem off the shelf which fixed the issue.

Fast forward about 2 years, and once again I am having connection issues.  Sprint has since been purchased by Embarq.  I Twitter my Embarq issues and am contacted by an Embarq employee with advice the same day.  I also submit a support email and immediately they send me out a new router based solely on the email.

Now I have not gotten the new DSL modem, so I do not know the final results of my issue, but based upon the reaction and response of Embarq, I have to say Thank You!