My iPhone Calendar Challenge

My issue was, I wanted to get my work Outlook calendar on my iPhone without attaching my iPhone to the work computer. Nor do I have the option of using Exchange (yet). I also wanted to do it with no intervention on my part. Especially now that it can be done over the air in version 2 of the software using MobileMe. My first try was with free utilities and programs. None worked.

Therefore I decided to spend money. First is getting the Outlook calendar data into Google Calendar. I tried many programs (open source, free, paid), but none worked as well as SyncMyCal. $25

With my Outlook calendar now on Google Calendar, I needed to get it on my Macbook that I sync with the iPhone and Unfortunately, subscribing to a Google Calendar does not sync up to So once again, I tried many but settled on BusySync. $25

Then I used MobileMe to sync onto which pushes onto my iPhone.

It only took trying dozens of programs and $50 to get it done. For most people it may not be worth it, but it is for me. And it works by itself via syncing without me doing anything. Finally. Shouldn't this be easier?