Vudu Wireless Kit

Since upgrading my home router, one of the issues that arose was the wireless connection to my Vudu box. The issue was not with the Vudu box, but the Belkin Wireless G gaming adapter attached to it. The Belkin would not connect to the network.

The solution to the issue was something new sold by Vudu called Vudu Wireless kit. The kit contains two small wireless adapters made by Asus.

Adapter 1 has a power plug and a network cable to connect directly to a port on your router. Adapter 2 plugs via network cable into your Vudu Box and a USB/Power cable that connects and powers from your Vudu box. As it creates its own wireless network, there is no set up. It is simply plug in and you are working. What a concept. I was thoroughly impressed by the ease of which this product works. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for Vudu users.

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