I have been posting to the social website Plurk a lot lately.  This site is similar to Twitter, as it is a social micro-blog, but with a twist.  It is visually more appealing than the basic Twitter, and as you earn "Karma", more options and control over your account you get.  You gain or loose Karma by the amount of posting you do, as well as, who friends or follows you.


The timeline is also unique, as instead of a vertical view, it is horizontal.  Although the mobile version of the site is vertical.




I have found that there seems to be more "community" and interaction between users that have no real off line connection.  That can happen on Twitter as well, but Plurk seems a whole lot more interactive among it's members.  This may also be due to the fact that replys are their own thread under each original plurk.


I am really enjoying Plurk and invite you to join in the fun!  Follow me here.