Pushing Ice

Every once in a while I come across a Science Fiction or Fantasy book with a tale that sticks with me far beyond the norm.  Usually I am not even aware of it until some time has passed.  It was this way with Alastair Reynolds book "Pushing Ice".  It has been over 3 years since I have read it and it still resonates with me.  I am typically a series reader for the depth and breath of epics novels versus a stand alone book reader, and Pushing Ice happens to be a stand alone book.

In all fairness, I love everything by Alastair Reynolds, and feel the Revelation Space universe is once of the best ever written.  However, Pushing Ice is an independent book outside of his normal writings, and yet, is written in such a way that is is as grand, vast and epic in scope as all of the Revelation Space series.  And that feat in one book is why this tale still stays with me.

The book starts out far in the future, and to explain the genesis of this future, it goes back to early in human space exploration when we are still within our own solar system.  It is here on Rockhopper, which is a spaceship that mines ice, that the real story begins.  While the Rockhopper is mining ice, one of Saturn's moons leaves orbit and heads out of the system.   Rockhopper is the closest ship to investigate and begins to pursue the moon towards the edge of our system....

I will not go further as I do not want to spoil the book for any who have not read.

The book has great character development and really explores human interactions and psychological issues under many types of situations.  And the vastness of the story in regards to time and space is very unexpected and how it deals with things that are sometimes difficult it imagine or grasp is excellent.  It left me wanting more from this universe, but well satisfied.