New Site on Squarespace

I have loved getting to know Squarespace.  Overall, it is a very good system for building your website. Once you understand where everything is in order to modify the templates, you will start fiddling and changing your site's look for quite a while.  And enjoy every minute of it.


The only negatives are if you hit a wall in regards to what you want to do, chances are an upgrade to the next level at more $$ will allow you to do it.  Sometimes even simple things will end up costing you more $$ each month.  Real CSS pros may be able to figure it out without the upgrades, but those of us that are not pros have to pay. Another issue was that my tags did not import from Wordpress, so I have to re-tag hundreds of posts.  Last, it does not support tag or category clouds, or at least I have not found a solution.

My website has gone from self-hosted, to hosted, back to self-hosted and now I am again on a hosted service.  I got tired of the updating and security issues and trying to keep the site going.  Now I can spend more time on content and design vs. database and server support.  Hopefully this will kick start my posting here.

You can try Squarespace for free, no credit card required.  So go ahead and try it out.  I recommend it.

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