Run More than 1 Process on iPhone?

Unfortunately, the Apple iPhone does not allow multiple processes to run at the same time.  This has been a topic since it's origin.  Although this has not been an issue for me since 1.0, now that 3.0 is out and GPS turn by turn directions are becoming available, as well as other dashboard types of applications, this has now become a "possible" hinderence.

Gokivo GPS

I now have a windshield mount for my iPhone and like to run the Heads Up Display app aSmartHUD (this app is so cool, you must check out the website).

But can I run this App at the same time I am listening to a podcast or music?  Well I am happy to say you can!  Will this translate to the upcoming GPS applications (TomTom) or current app (Gokivo)?  I am praying it will.  Certainly let me know if you already know!