Why I am Leaving Symantec for Good

My story with Symantec’s Norton began a few months ago when I upgraded a number of my computers to Windows 7.  Symantec released a beta version for Windows 7, but they would only give you a trial version that lasted 1 – 2 weeks.  Did not understand a trial version of a beta that would only last a short time.  So I went elsewhere and ended up using the new Microsoft free security product on Windows 7.
This left me with only 1 computer needing Norton 360 which is a VM of Windows XP on my Macbook Pro.  I have recently updated from a Macbook to a Macbook Pro, but just copied the XP virtual machine over.
So here I am with a product that I can use on 3 computers but am using on only one, and which I have 60 days of subscription left.
So last night I boot up the XP VM and Norton tells me it needs to update, so I update, then it wants to reboot, so I reboot, and guess what?  The Norton is de-activated and shuts off my internet security.  I try to re-activate and it tells me I can not, that I have exceeded my usage of the Product Key.
So now I must deal with Norton support to get my internet security back working.  I did this via online chat and even when I told the rep what the issue was, he wanted to remote in to my computer to fix.  Why they need to remote into my computer when the Product Key is not working is beyond my understanding.
From what I can tell, they ultimately just reset the Key to work.  But to just let me get screwed a little, they only activated it for another 50 days.
When the 50 days are up, goodbye for good Norton, hello Microsoft.