Diet and Fitbit

It is once again the time to lose some weight.  I do it the normal way, eat less and excercise more.  No voodoo involved.  What is different this time is the week I started, my Fitbit arrived (I ordered it 3-4 mos ago).


What can I say, but I LOVE this thing.  It is not perfect and I will discuss that later, but I am happy to have it and it adds a lot to dieting and excercise for a gadget lover like me.


When it arrived, my first thought was "it's not black and silver like the website showed!" but is black and an ugly greenish/blue color.  Supposedly this is due to cheaper manufacturing and to be the same color as the led/lcd/oled??? screen.  And of the screen, looking at the device you would have no idea it has one, but it does!  It comes with a base station that doubles as a charger and wireless receiver for the data, as well as a belt clip.


So what does it do?  While you wear it, it tracks you steps, calories burned, sleeping habits and other activity.



Because it is wireless, it feeds that information through its base station to an internet site which provides you with the data and graphs of your activities.  At the website you can also add your weight, what you eat and any additional activities you may do without the Fitbit.  By adding your daily food and water, it tracks your intake vs. your burn and provides goals and analysis of how you are doing.  It also compares your data with others using the Fitbit.



The difficulties with using Fitbit is the adding of what you eat to the website.  I know this is the only way, but it is frustrating especially with home made meals that do not come with the combined nutritional information.  Many grocery store dinners and restaurants are already in the database and once you create a meal on the website, you can save it as a favorite.


The only technical issue seems to be that it stops syncing with the base station about once a week for me.  I have to unplug and re-plug the base station to get the sync to work again.


So far I have gotten 3 people at work to order their own Fitbit because I believe in this product.  So I highly recommend.  And once you get yours, add me as a friend so we can see who is more active!