My Favorite Holiday

When people ask me what my favorite holiday of the year is, I always answer “St. Patrick’s Day”!  I usually get a strange look and the question “are you Irish?”.  Well, no I am not.  I am mostly of Scottish and English heritage.  But not only does St. Patrick’s Day provide another legitimate reason to wear my kilt, it is a day I take off work every year and celebrate all day (vs night when you can’t get in anywhere).

Lisa & I on St. Patrick's Day 2009

Why St. Patrick’s Day?  For many reasons which include that it is the only day of the year (well maybe New Years) where everyone, stranger and alike, are friends and family.  Yet, it is not a holiday in which it is required to spend with friends and/or family.  Nor do you have the burden of gifts, cooking, traveling (unless you are going to Savannah, Boston or Chicago – the best St. Patrick’s Day cities in my opinion).

Lisa on St. Patrick's Day 2009

I start St. Patrick’s day with a Irish breakfast at the Irish Pub & Restaurant right by my house, and move on from there.  I think I counted in the Orlando area at least 25 Irish Pubs & Restaurants, so the day is full moving from one to another and meeting new friends!  This year my wife has the day off as well so she will be joining me.  I hope this becomes a holiday tradition for her as well as she does have Irish heritage!


St. Patrick’s Day blessing opun you!