Why Book Publishers are Morons

Yesterday was supposed to be a great day.  My favorite author, Alastair Reynolds, new book "Terminal World" was released.   I hopped onto the internets and searched for the eBook on Amazon.com, B&N.com, Borders.com, eReader.com, etc... trying to find to purchase and read.  Please, someone, take my money!  But everysite only had the hardback version.

My next stop was Google.  I searched and what did I find?  The third listing showed it at Amazon.

And 3 of the top 7 results are for Torrents!  When I went to the Amazon listing, I got the following:

 Good job publishers.  I am one of the authors biggest fans, will pay whatever is asked for the novel in eBook form, it is available in other countries, but not the US, and my only recourse is BITTORRENT!  Fine, don't take my money.  Morons.