Share LicenseKeeper Database with Multiple Computers

I use OuterLevel’s LicenseKeeper application to store and manage all of my software licenses for all of my Macs (Macbook Pro, MacMini, and iMac).  Since I have the Family 5-pack license, I want to be able to have one shared database so I have all of the licenses available on each computer.  Unfortunately, unlike 1Password, this is not built into the application.  As usual, Dropbox to the rescue.

Although LicenseKeeper is not set up to share a database, there is a way to move it  to your Dropbox folder and make sure LicenseKeeper is pointing to it on each Mac.  I will give the directions for doing so on two computers (my MacBook Pro and MacMini).

Once LicenseKeeper is installed on one computer and your database is complete with all of your licenses, you will need to launch Terminal and use the following commands (note, this is from my MacBook Pro):

Now that the LicenseKeeper database has been moved to the Dropbox location and is being used on my MacBook Pro, I make backup copy of the LicenseKeeper folder in Dropbox, then I delete the original so I can go through the same process on my Mac Mini.  So I once again go through the exact same process on the MacMini as I did on the MacBook Pro, moving the empty LicenseKeeper app database to the Dropbox location.

Once this is done on the MacMini, I then overwrite the LicenseKeeper Database that was created and linked in Dropbox with the back up I made from the full database backup I made from the MacBook Pro procedure.

Now both the MacBook Pro and the MacMini are looking at the same Dropbox  LicenseKeeper folder for the full database.  Problem solved.