2014 - My Year for AquaBike

As much as I like running, an Achilles injury 3 years ago ended that dream.  I have rested, strengthened, rehabbed and the best I can do is run about 1/2 mile at a time without pain.  That is not going to help me much.  So I walk mostly on my 4.5 mile route with about 1.25 of it running.

I have added swimming once a week (2500 meters) for the past 1.5 years, and have been riding my bike.  I recently finally made the change to a real road bike vs. my hybrid.  So it seems that an Aquabike would scratch my competition itch.


Since both swimming and biking are low impact sports, my knees should also not give me issues.  This is a good sport for those of us that have impact related injuries and are getting older. 

To give me time to prepare, looking at the local Aquabike races coming up I have found that the Baldwin Park Tri is the closest and looks to be about my speed.  It is a .75 km (750 meters) swim and 12 mile bike.

Since my swims are usually in a pool, it is hard to come up with a goal in open lake swim.  If in a pool, I would be looking at 8-10 mins. So maybe add 5 mins for lake = 15 mins max?  For the bike I am hoping to break 40 mins.  With the transitions I should realistically hope to break 1 hour total?  I hope?

Let 2014 begin!