Hue Lights Not Found by Hue Bridge

I replaced the original Hue Bridge with the new square shaped HomeKit compatible Bridge.  

Unfortunately, no matter what I did, I could not connect my original Hue lights to that bridge.  More recent purchased lights connected no problem.  But the 3 original A style lights would not.  And I tried everything.  Reseting, uninstalling, auto find, manual find, changing channel, etc... even holding the light and bridge so they were touching.  No luck.  

I was not going to call the Hue 800 support number, as they would just have me redo everything I had already done.  Then I found this tweet.

After downloading and executing, a program ran that walked me through each of the 3 lights and connected them. Easy peasy.  Not sure why it is so hard to find this and so easy to use.