Having Fun with SquareSpace

I am right in the middle of moving my Blog from WordPress to SquareSpace, and due to WordPress not exporting all of my data correctly, I am manually adding old posts to SquareSpace.  Not a fun activity, but hopefully will be well worth it to get away from WordPress.

Just be aware for those of you thinking of moving over, it is more work than you may have been led to believe.

New Site is Live

After a couple of weeks and playing with many Wordpress templates, I have finally decided upon one, as well as added more content and how to interact with the site. The template I selected is Revolution by Brian Gardner. Unlike my last template which stopped being supported and updated, I feel this one will continue to grow and get better over time.

I started out wanting something more than a blog, but one that was closer to a content manager than a simple blog. Although I have not implemented everything yet, I am very happy with the outcome. There will be continual changes, modifications and improvements over time, but I believe this template gives me the foundation to move forward.

I can not wait to learn the new CSS skills and Wordpress skills to continue this journey.